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We are happy to announce the acquisition of Pipes. Click here to know more.
Introducing Trybeca where we get real people to tell your brand story
That along with being home to India’s premier digital Influencers, enables the creation of original, on - brand content across web, mobile & social platforms.
Storytelling is the oldest form of education.
In a world oversaturated with ads, Influence will be the driver
We live in a world oversaturated with ads. Peer recommendations go beyond raising awareness, impacting everyday purchasing decisions like where to eat, or what to buy.
Return on Influencer Marketing
vs Induced Marketing (WOM).
People trust recommendations
from people over brands.
Use Social Media to
make purchase decisions.
Conversions increased when influencers talk about brands.
Making ads feel more human…
We want to give brands a human voice and content is our gateway into doing that. We collaborate with influencers and are able to create original content producing real connections with audiences.
Closing the loop.…
Product experience is at the genesis to amplify any influencer activity. Coupling insightful brand tools with the authenticity of endorsements, we make it very relatable to consumers.
We’ve created a product that leverages NLP, Image recognition & larger bits of AI to take the guesswork out of a marketing campaign.
Our passion for quality content means we guide Brands & Influencers through creation whilst leaving creative freedom with Influencers.
Our team understands your objective. We leverage technology to manage the campaign, track, analyse, providing reports & create campaign videos.
Tailored around your Industry
Every industry has different requirements. We know what works because we’ve seen it work. Join us.
People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. - Mark Zuckerberg
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We are happy to announce the acquisition of Pipes. Click here to know more.